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What is C.I.V.I.C.?
Citizens InVolved In Community

SEAC's CIVIC's programs include all those that involve community organizing in any arena. Crime Prevention & Safety, Disaster Preparedness, Block Club & Neighborhood organizing, Councils and more. . .
At the core of SEAC's identity - both historically and philosophically - is the individual neighborhood. We are a coalition of neighborhoods with individuals as well as collective memberships. As the oldest Neighborhood Preservation Company chartered by New York State in western New York, SEAC is committed to creating, preserving and empowering healthy neighborhoods. We believe that:

  • Grass roots organizing is the bedrock of our democracy;
  • Diversity is a good thing. It makes us all stronger when we have multiple experiences, backgrounds and perceptions influencing us;
  • The southeast area is home to scores of distinct neighborhoods who have self-defined their boundaries, their personalities and their issues over the last one hundred years;
  • National studies in the field of Civic Engagement by Robert Putnam, the Sagauro Program at the John F. Kennedy Center of Harvard University and others echo our experience - people feel safer when they are connected to their neighbors through common projects or programs;
  • Mediation is preferable to litigation.

Crime Prevention & Safety:

(A Learning Environment for Responsibility Training)

E-mail Early Notification System

(Police And Citizens - Together Against Crime)

(Police - Citizen Interaction Committee)

Workshops & Seminars

Disaster Preparedness & Response:

(Community Emergency Response Team)


Block Clubs and Neighborhood Associations:

Organizing your group
Why organize?
How do we get started?

Existing groups in the southeast
Who and where are they?
How to contact them.

 Good Neighbor Days


Councils of the South East Area Coalition:

In general
What are they?
Why have them?

Existing councils
How to contact them.
CSEP -Coalition of South East Providers
Landlord Council
Merchant Council
Neighborhood Council
Youth Council