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The South East Area Coalition is located at:
1045 South Clinton Avenue Rochester, NY 14620

If you have special concerns or questions, please feel free to call us at:  (585) 244-7405 plus the extensions below, or click on the name to send an e-mail.

HELEN HOGAN    Executive Director ext. 13
Zoning Issues, Development Projects (both residential & commercial), NBN Connections, CHDO, MHBA, MAGIC.

COREY KNAPP  Community Organizer/AmeriCorps member, Tool Librarian ext. 15
AHC grants, Tool Library, CIVIC Program, Good Neighbor Days, Asbury & Oakland Streets.

CRICKET FEGAN  Housing Grants Administrative Assistance  ext. 10
Housing Grants.

JOEL KUNKLER  Community Development  ext. 14
Landlord Council, Human Service Concerns & Referrals, Neighborhood Concerns, NBN, Community Organizing.

EDITH SHIEBLER    Receptionists ext. 11
Volunteer Activities, photo copying, apartment listings, mailings and phone calls.

Chair of the SEAC Board of Directors

From July 2003 through June 2004, SEAC staff members had more than 60,000 documented client contacts. Requests for assistance ranged from needing help finding a job to resourcing neighborhood and merchant associations, assisting businesses wishing to relocate here, helping individuals and merchants to navigate the offices of City Hall, administering home repair grants, referring people to food cupboards and spearheading initiatives as diverse as community festivals and tool library workshops. We work with owners, tenants, merchants, groups, individuals...
you name it, we've probably had experience with it.

When you get right down to it, at SEAC:'s what we do!

This map of Rochester, NY's southeast is the area that is served by SEAC.

The South East Area Coalition is chartered by New York State as a Neighborhood Preservation Company encompassing the area bounded by the Conrail Tracks (near University Avenue) on the north, the City Line along the east and south, and the Genesee River on the west.