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SEAC's Economic Development
 programs include all those related to our commercial districts and the economic viability of the area.

SEAC recognizes that healthy neighborhoods need viable commercial districts in order to maintain their "livability." We believe that:

  • Merchants are important resources to our neighborhoods and represent personal investments in the area. They must be included in all processes that shape the future vision and development of the neighborhoods;
  • Neighbors and merchants need to communicate with each others as allies and partners;
  • Area residents need to support local businesses;
  • Filling vacant commercial properties should be a priority for everyone as occupied storefronts convey that the area is "desirable" and "safe;"
  • Southeast area businesses are unique. We do not want to see the development of "cookie cutter" enterprises on our commercial arteries;
  • Many people speaking with one voice have a greater influence and authority than just one person speaking alone. We all benefit from strong merchant associations that convey their priorities with a unified message;
  • Strict adherence to zoning laws and guidelines makes for a seamless integration of commercial and residential areas;
  • Local media need to support southeast area businesses.
    Where they are, who to contact, and more.

    SEI works with small businesses to find locations, create work plans, secure funding, and more.

    Periodically, SEAC meets with the Executive Committees of the Merchant
    Associations to share pertinent information and develop strategies
    to address common concerns.

    Annually, SEAC participates in the Urban Enterprise Forum that brings together bankers, small business owners and other resources to help new and established
    businesses. CLICK HERE for more information.

    SEAC administers the Adopt-A-Block program from the City of Rochester along
    commercial corridors in the southeast area. Working in partnership with East House Corporation, SEAC's Adopt-A-Block workers keep the sidewalks and curbing free of litter and debris from May through November.

    * SEAC participates in these programs of the South Wedge Planning Committee.