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The South East Area Coalition is the grass roots group that resources the residents and merchants of southeast Rochester. 2005 marks our 36th anniversary as western New York's oldest Neighborhood Preservation Company. Serving nearly 50,000 people we are the umbrella      group for over forty neighborhood associations and block clubs and seven merchant associations. SEAC is a 501[c]3 

  not-for-profit that works to insure that our neighborhoods are the best places to live, work, play and learn in Rochester. Governed by a volunteer Board of Directors and staffed       by four full time and three part-time professionals, SEAC (pronounced "seek") is privately funded through membership revenues, independent foundations, the United Way of Greater Rochester, and governmental agencies through administration dollars attached to programs that we administer on behalf of the city and state. We represent a good investment because though small, we had over 45,000 client contacts in one year alone.'s what we      do!

 Whether it's through our programs in CIVIC (Citizens InVolved In Communities), Community      Renewal, Economic      Development,  or through our Newsletter that keeps everyone connected, we meet the needs of those we serve, working to increase civic engagement and build community at all levels. This is done through constant communication with our neighborhoods leaders and listening to their concerns. So come on in to our town. Take
 a tour around our Urban Cyber-Village. We hope you will be a part of one or more of our programs. Then, you too will see why people say,

"SEAC is        the heart of the City!"